Lisa is amazing. She helped me with both of my girls. She is so professional and nice. I have referred her to many friends and everyone loves her and finds her so helpful. When I had mastitis I was a miserable patient but she she came over quickly showing kindness and gave an amazing massage to help my boob. LOL!!  I've never forgotten her and I am very thankful. Jesika

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing up that first day bringing your gift of healing touch. I cried when my baby latched well for the first time since birth. I had lost hope. God has used you to bless my family more than words can explain. Thanks for all the visits, texts, and reassurance. Amy

Lisa was great. We had a fantastic visit. I learned new techniques to use while nursing and have a point of direction with a new issue I had noticed and she confirmed. Highly recommend Lisa!  Jaz

Very knowledgeable and very personable. We drove 2 hours to receive myofunctional therapy for our child. It was worth it!  Ellen

After meeting with several lactation consultants Lisa was the first one to figure out the issues and help with my 3rd baby to breastfeed better. She is extremely  kind and knowledgeable. After the tongue tie revision she showed us many oral exercises and massage techniques to do at home. I am so glad to say our baby is exclusively breastfeeding now after 6 weeks of bottle feeding. It was a stressful time but Lisa remained positive and so supportive of us. Jackie

Lisa is a great listener. So helpful and patient. I can't wait to have her back to learn more of her happy baby techniques. She is way more than a lactation consultant!


Lisa was kind, professional, and so so helpful. She is extremely intelligent and works very hard to give quality care and good energy to helping me be supported and successful with breastfeeding my baby. Ashley

Very knowledgeable but we felt overwhelmed and ended up not breastfeeding and she told us how to pump and bottlefeed.  Lauren

Lisa is the most loving and kind LC that we have had the honor of and priviledge of knowing. We had seen 5 specialists before we met Lisa. Her evaluation of my baby, the tongue tie, and feeding plan helped restore breastfeeding and the bonding relationship. Brandie

I would have stopped breastfeeding, but Lisa listened and worked with us. She not only inspired me, but educated me so that I could help others.

My boob hero.  Molly

Twins. We had her support for 15 months and feel so lucky!